Pre-Employment Screening

Preferred Investigations conducts FCRA compliant background checks. We operate with proper authorization and utilize legally compliant release & waiver forms. Those in charge of hiring decisions for private sector employment and non-profit organizations often utilize our services to better evaluate an applicant's suitability, and verify the validity of their qualifications. Our services are listed below, please call for pricing.

Criminal Search
A check of criminal records is standard procedure for conducting pre-employment screens. Normally, the County Courts within the jurisdictions where the applicant lives and / or works are checked for records. The rationale for these checks was developed from research conducted by the Federal Government. The U.S. Department of Justice conducted a survey of prison inmates. They concluded that crimes were usually committed near the criminal's homes. They determined that 43% of the inmates were in prison for committing crimes in their own neighborhoods. If the applicant is a criminal, it is likely that a record will be uncovered when all jurisdictions where he or she has lived are checked. Statewide and Federal Criminal searches are also available.

Social Security Search
An individual's social security number is his or her "fingerprint" – the number follows them wherever they go or whatever they do. Legally, a person is issued only one social security number. A social security search will attempt to match and return information on that person and their social security number.

The information may include:

Motor Vehicle Records Search*
A poor driving record may be indicative of other issues. For people driving company vehicles, it is imperative to know past driving records. Motor vehicle driving records normally contain information for a period of three to five years. Many states are now making any infraction involving drugs or alcohol a permanent part of a driver's motor vehicle record.
* Varies by State

Education Verification
We will verify academic credentials for all types of positions such as date of graduation and degree acquired.

Employment Verification
We will verify the dates of employment, job title, wages, performance and eligibility for rehire, if possible. It is important to note that many employers are reluctant to provide information beyond verifying dates of employment and wages. We make every attempt to draw as much information as possible.

Credit Report
A consumer credit report describes an individual credit history for the most recent seven years on trade items and up to ten years on bankruptcy. An individual's credit history for the most recent seven years come from a combination of three major credit bureaus. Reports may contain number of trades, loans, mortgages, liens, bankruptcies, judgments, collections and summaries of the individual's payment patterns. Caution should be exercised when utilizing these reports. We insure the reports conform to FCRA regulations.

Sex Offender Registry
These reports provide information from sexual offender lists maintained by individual states.