Candidate Preparation

Preferred Investigations helps candidates gain an understanding of the criteria used by law enforcement and public safety agencies for evaluating candidates during the background/hiring process. Many applicants have studied criminal justice or related fields in well-respected colleges and Universities, though rarely are they informed about what to expect in the background investigation. We recently completed a book that provides common mistakes which result in disqualification, tips on how to how to conduct a personal inventory in preparation for the background process, and explanation of what to expect during the polygraph examination. We also explain, in simple terms, the state and federal regulations concerning background investigations, and the role of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training in establishing guidelines and regulatory oversight for law enforcement background investigations. After reading through our publication, complied by experts and retired law enforcement officers, you can assess your suitability and develop strategies for improvement. We hope to help your chances for success through honesty, preparation, and command of information and issues.

Our new publication is in the final steps of revision, and will be available soon. Applicants currently in the background investigation phase of a hiring process may find our Helpful Links useful.

Our publication has been reviewed by several San Francisco Bay Area Law Enforcement agencies. It has been regarded as an excellent source for any applicant applying for public safety positions including 911 dispatch. We are confident the material we provide is unmatched in the market place.

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